Live on Broadway…

ME?!! It was never really an articulated ambition of mine to be on Broadway seeing as I have zero point zero ability to sing, dance, act or perform in any way, shape, or form. It never crossed my mind to put this particular accomplishment on my “bucket list.” However, sometimes dreams we didn’t even know we had come true. As my husband pointed out when he saw the location of the upcoming NYC’s 4th Annual Listen To Your Mother Show – I’m going to be reading a piece of my writing along with some truly amazing writers, in a live show on Broadway! Ok, ok, as any New Yorker knows – Broadway is a very, very, very long street. So it’s not exactly in the “Phantom of The Opera” Broadway region. But…Broadway nonetheless. 114th Street and Broadway to be precise.

Apparently the tickets are already selling quickly for this show and they are quite limited as it is just one performance. They will likely not be sold at the door. If you are interested in seeing this show (May 7, 2016 – 3pm), which I have to say – after meeting my fellow cast members today – is going to be something really special – click here to buy tickets..

2 thoughts on “Live on Broadway…

  1. Rebecca;

    Wish we could be there to see you. Think of you so often. You are in our daily prayers.
    love to all,
    Aunt Terri and Uncle Nick

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